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Welcome to our Transliteration Project

Our goal is to create auto-converting system between the different writing systems of the same language based on the Autoconverting system which you can see on Kazakh (Cyrillic-Latin-Arabic) or Serbian (Cyrillic-Latin) Wikipedia.

This project is to create auto-converting system for those languages for which such auto-converting system does not exist yet. This project is primary for our webpage purpose. After we produce the auto-converting system which works perfectly, we want to relase it for free usage both at our webpage as web convertor (see example) as well as we want to provide the source code that anybody can use and modify for his own purpose.

Join our transliteration team!

If you can speak any language mentioned bellow, contact us and help us to write the comparative table for transliteration and the transliteration rules. If you need such system for your language, do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help you.

If you wish to join our team, contact us.


Currently we are working on the following auto-converting systems:

Azeri / Azerbaijani language: Cyrillic - Latin - Arabic converter

Chechen language: Cyrillic - Latin converter

Karakalpak language: Cyrillic - Latin converter

Kurdish language: Cyrillic - Latin - Arabic converter

Kazakh language: Cyrillic - Latin - Arabic converter

Kyrgyz language: Cyrillic - Arabic - Latin converter

Laz language: Georgian - Latin - Georgian converter

Mongolian language: Cyrillic - Manchu converter; Manchu Unicode fonts should be created (not started yet - Mongols native speaker needed)

Tatar language: Cyrillic - Latin converter (in progress)

Turkmen language: Latin - Arabic converter (not started yet - Turkmen Perso Arabic native speaker needed)

Uyghur language: Cyrillic - Latin - Arabic converter

Uzbek language: Cyrillic - Latin - Arabic converter


Azeri language

  • Azeri / Azerbaijani Cyrillic - Latin converter
  • Azeri Latin - Cyrillic - Arabic converter
    Comment: Hi, I'm TimBits from the Azerbaijani language wikipedia. I have been contacted about the implementation of the automatic transliteration tool. I have been working for this since the Wikipedia was set up, even raised the issue in 2006 Wikimania in Boston. All this time we could do what was done in Kazakh Wikipedia. But the peculiarities of the Perso-Arabic script had forced us to wait for the development of a better software, I have been recently contacted by User:Musa in Azerbaijani Wikipedia. He has developed such a software. It can be obtained from Latin to Arabic works fine, and he is working on improving Arabic to Latin. If implemented, I believe this will be the first automatic conversion tool between these scripts that works perfectly (for Azerbaijani language). I'm not a programmer myself, I only can comment on products availabble for everybody. Nor I'm very proficient in Arabic script. But the above named user is both a programmer and being from Iran he knows both scripts well. I'd urge you to work with him and let us know when it is ready to be fully implemented. Thanks. TimBits
  • Another Azeri converter
    Comments: I've worked on this project a few years ago and developed a microsoft word addin for transliteration from arabic to latin. The project resides at: I can share the source code and related data files and documents.

Chechen language

Karakalpak language

Kazakh language

Kurdish language

Kyrgyz language

Laz language

Uyghur language

Turkmen language

Uzbek language


All our converters are released into the public domain. We grant anyone the right to use the source code of our converters for free for any purpose, without any conditions. We are glad if you report mistakes in our converter or provide improved version of it.


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